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ENTRANCE TEST UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA SIMAK UI SOCIAL SCIENCES TEST  Basic Mathematics  Economy  Indonesia and the World A  Indonesia and the World B  Integrated Social Sciences 396 Universitas Indonesia 2013

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 1.Before you begin work on the test, check the number of questions and the page numbers in the test booklet. The booklet consists of 13 pages. 2.Write your student test number on the space provided in the answer sheet. 3.Write the code of the test booklet on the space provided in the answer sheet. The code of this test booklet is: 396 4.Read carefully each and every instruction on how to answer the questions. 5.Think carefully before answering every question, because incorrect answers will deduct points from your score (scoring system: correct +4, blank 0, incorrect -1). 6.Work on questions you nd easy rst, then continue with harder questions, so that all questions are answered. 7.Write your answers in the answer sheet provided. 8.For scrap paper, make use of the empty space in your test booklet and do not use your answer sheet as your answers will then fail to be processed 9.During the test, you are not allowed to ask or seek explanation about the questions being tested to anyone including the test supervisor. 10.When the test is complete, you are required to stay in your seat until the test supervisor approaches you to collect the answer sheet. 11.Make sure the answer sheet is not dirty, wet, folded, and torn. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTION A: Choose one answer that it most appropriate INSTRUCTION B: The questions consist of 3 parts, i.e. STATEMENT, CAUSE, and REASON that are arranged in sequence. Choose: (A)If the statements is correct, the reason is correct, and both show a cause and eect relationship; (B)If the statements is correct, the reason is correct, but both do not show a cause and eect relationship (C)If the statements is correct and the reason is incorrect (D)If the statements is incorrect and the reason is correct (E)If the statements and the reason are both incorrect INSTRUCTION C: Choose (A)If (1), (2), and (3) are correct (B)If (1) and (3) are correct (C)If (2) and (4) are correct (D)If only (4) is correct (E)If all of them are correct

Exam Code: 396 SUBJECTS : Basic Mathematics, Economy, Indonesia and the World A, Indonesia and the World B, and Integrated Social Sciences EXAM DATE : 23 JUNE 2013 TIME : 120 MINUTES NO. OF QUESTIONS : 80 Remarks : Questions on BASIC MATHEMATICS number 1 to 20 Questions on ECONOMY number 21 to 35 Questions on INDONESIA AND THE WORLD A number 36 to 50 Questions on INDONESIA AND THE WORLD B number 51 to 65 Questions on INTEGRATED SOCIAL SCIENCES number 66 to 80 BASIC MATHEMATICS Use Instruction A to answer questions number 1 to 18. 1.Let a; b; xbe positive real numbers distinct from one, then 4( a log x)2 + 3( b log x)2 = 8( a log x)( b log x) satisfy .... (A) for all values of a; band x (B) if and only if b= a2 (C) if and only if a= b2 (D) if and only if x= ab (E) none of these 2.If  x 1 x  2 + 3  x 1 x  = 10 has solutions x 1 and x 2, then x 1 + x 2 = :::: (A) 5or 2 (B) 2or 5 (C) 3 (D) 3 (E) 10 3. 2 log  2 1 2  + 2 log  2 2 3  + 2 log  2 3 4  + ::: + 2 log  2 510 511  = :::: (A) 3 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) 6 (E) 8 4.If i2 = 1then 2(1 + i) 18 + (1 i) 20 i= :::: (A) 1024 (B) 1024 i (C) 0 (D) 1024 (E) 1024i 5.For how many values of the coecient ado the equations x2 + ax + 1 = 0 andx2 x a= 0 have a common real solution? (A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 3 (E) innitely many 6.Each valve, A; BandC, when open, release water into a tank at its own constant rate. With all three valves open, the tank lls in 1 hour, with only valves Aand Copen it takes 1.5 hours, and with only valves Band Copen it takes 2 hours. The number of hours required with only valves Aand B open is .... (A) 1.1 (B) 1.15 (C) 1.2 (D) 1.25 (E) 1.75 7.The inequality y x < p x 2 is satised if and only if .... (A) y 0or y < 2x (C) y2 < 2xy (D) y 0and y

Exam Code: 396 8.If (2 x+4) log( x2 + 1)

Exam Code: 396 14.If the function fdened by f(x ) = cx 3 x + 5 , x 6 = 5 3 with cconstant, satises f(f (x )) = x for all real numbers xexcept x= 5 3 , then c= :::: (A) 5 (B) 5 3 (C) 5 3 (D) 3 (E) 5 15.The lines Land Kare symmetric to each other with respect to the line y= x. If the equation of line L is y= ax +bwith a6 = 0 and b6 = 0 , then the equation of Kisy= :::: (A) 1 a x + b (B) 1 a x + b (C) 1 a x b a (D) 1 a x + b a (E) 1 a x b a 16. 8 < : 2 4 3 2 1 1 1 1 0 2 13 5 2 4 1 1 0 1 1 1 2 5 2 3 5 2 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 3 0 3 5 9 = ; 3 = .... (A) 2 4 3 0 0 0 3 1 0 3 0 3 5 (B) 2 4 27 0 0 0 27 1 0 27 0 3 5 (C) 2 4 27 0 0 0 27 0 0 0 0 3 5 (D) 2 4 27 0 0 0 27 0 0 0 27 3 5 (E) 2 4 3 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 3 5 17.The minimum value of sinA 3 p 3 cos A 3 is attained when Ais .... (A)  (B) 2 (C) 0 (D) 11  2 (E) 11  3 18. p p 5 + 2 + p p 5 2 p p 5 + 1 p 3 2p 2 = :::: (A) 1 (B) 2p 2 2 (C) p 5 2 (D) r 5 2 (E) none of these Use Instruction C to answer questions number 19 to 20. 19.If 0< a b < c d < 1, then .... (1) 1< d c (2) d c < b a (3) b + d a + c< bd ac (4) d c < bd ac 20.If 2sin 2 x + 5  2cos 2 x = 7 , then x= :::: (1)  2 (2)  (3) 3  2 (4) 2 c Universitas Indonesia Page 3 of 13

Exam Code: 396 ECONOMY Use Instruction A to answer questions number 21 to 29. 21.A vertical axis and horizontal axis of isoquant measure .... (A) the quantity of capital and labour (B) the quantity of output and capital (C) the quantity of output and labour (D) the quantity of output and the amount of cost (E) utility and the amount of goods consumed 22.Suppose a competitive rm is losing money. This rm should continue to produce as long as .... (A) the rm minimizes its loses (B) the rm chooses its output so that marginal revenue (MR) equals to marginal cost (MC) (C) price is greater than average xed cost (AFC) (D) price is greater than average cost (AC) (E) price is greater than average variable cost (AVC) 23.The following cost does not increase as the level of output rises. (A) Average variable cost (B) Average cost (C) Marginal cost (D) Average xed cost (E) Variable cost 24.In general, real gross domestic product (GDP) is lower than the nominal of GDP and this dierence is sourced from .... (A) investment (B) ination (C) net export (D) interest rate (E) net domestic income from abroad 25.Denote that MPC is marginal propensity to consume and MPS is marginal propensity to save. If the government increases its spending ( G), then we would expect .... (A) national income will increase by 1 G (B) national income will increase by (1/MPS G) (C) national income will increase by (1/MPC G) (D) an increase in government budget decit (E) an increase in current account decit 26.A demand for factor of production is derived demand because .... (A) there is no supply for factor production (B) it is derived from demand for labor (C) it is derived from market demand (D) the magnitude depends on output (E) it is derived from demand for capital 27.When the average cost (AC) declines, we expect that .... (A) the average variable cost (AVC) also declines (B) the average cost equals to the marginal cost (MC) (C) the marginal cost may increase or decrease (D) the average cost increases (E) the total cost decreases 28.A list of details that contains a balance of asset, liabilities, capital, revenue and expenses in a certain period is .... (A) a ledger (B) a trial balance (C) a balance sheet (D) a journal (E) journal entry 29.An account that is considered real is .... (A) rental income (B) prepaid expenses (C) sales (D) rent (E) transportation service revenue c Universitas Indonesia Page 4 of 13

Exam Code: 396 Use Instruction B to answer questions number 30 to 32. 30.When total product reaches the maximum point, we have marginal product that equals to zero. BECAUSE Marginal product is extra output that can be produced by using one more unit of the input. 31.When an income tax system is considered progressive, individuals with higher income should bear higher tax burden. BECAUSE Progressive income tax is aimed to redistribute income to the society. 32.Money supply is comprised from currency and demand deposits, whereas generally the amount of currency exceeds the demand deposits. BECAUSE Currency is issued by the central Bank, while demand deposit is produced by the banking system. Use Instruction C to answer questions number 33 to 35. 33.Which of the followings is/are characteristics of monopoly? (1)Monopolist's maximum prot is achieved when marginal revenue is greater than marginal cost. (2)In the short run, the monopolist never suers a loss. (3)Market with monopoly has homogeneous goods. (4)The demand for goods to the monopolist equals to market demand. 34.The similarity between a perfect competition market and monopolistic competition market is/are .... (1)numbers of sellers (2)rms only earn normal prots in the long run (3)free entry and free exit (4)rms act as price taker 35.Bank Indonesia is conducting an easy money policy through the followings channel. (1)Open market selling. (2)Decreasing the reserve requirement ratio. (3)Selective credit control. (4)Decreasing the discount rate. c Universitas Indonesia Page 5 of 13

Exam Code: 396 INDONESIA AND THE WORLD A Use Instruction A to answer questions number 36 to 44. 36.Which American Economic Program helped rebuild war-torn European countries rebuild after world war II? (A) War on poverty (B) Marshal plan (C) Postdam (D) Magna Charta (E) Camp David 37.Who was the rst female chancellor of Germany in 2007? (A) Willy Brandt (B) Margareth Trust (C) Angela Dorothea Merkel (D) Margareth Schmidt (E) Anggela Kohl 38.Which country was the birthplace of Christopper Columbus? (A) Spain (B) United States (C) Portugal (D) British (E) Italy 39.In 2011, which square was at the center of Egypt's revolution? (A) Tahrir Square (B) Plaza Egypt's Square (C) Plaza the Mayo (D) Trafalgar Square (E) Al Azhar Square 40.Who initiated the protestant movement against the roman catholick church? (A) John Calvin (B) James Luther (C) Marthin Luther (D) Marthin Calvano (E) Stefanus Markus 41.Who ordered to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? (A) Richard Nixon (B) Harry S Truman (C) Lindon B Jhonson (D) Gerald Ford (E) D Eisenhower 42.King of Majapahit, Hayam Wuruk, sent Adityawarman to be a viceroy in Minangkabau area in 1347 AD because .... (A) there would be a revolt around Padang against the kingdom of Majapahit (B) Majapahit kingdom would like to have a peace treaty with the Minangkabau kingdom (C) Majapahit kingdom wanted to control the gold mining in the headwaters of Batanghari River (D) Majapahit kingdom wanted to ask for Minangkabau people help to ght the kingdom of Malacca (E) the plantation yield of Minangkabau increased rapidly 43.One of the economic impacts after the end of the Crusades was .... (A) exports of various goods from Europe to the Middle East region increased sharply (B) the collapse of trade centers both in Europe and in the Middle East regions (C) a new payment system in the purchase of goods (D) there were more job opportunities in Europe (E) trade tracs and mercantilism were intensied 44.Etymologically, Renaissance means rebirth. In the context of European history, the term refers to .... (A) the revival of enormous interest to the rich heritage of ancient Greece and Rome in various aspects. (B) the desire to reunite Europe into an empire just like in ancient Greek and Roman times. (C) the eorts to regenerate great thinkers who had ever lived during the Roman and Greek times. (D) attempts to interpret scientic ndings that had ever been produced in Greek and Roman times. (E) some events related to the medieval conict between science and religion. c Universitas Indonesia Page 6 of 13

Exam Code: 396 Use Instruction B to answer questions number 45 to 46. 45.As one of small European countries, The Netherlands was dominated by greater powers in Europe until 16th century such as the Roman Empires and Spanish Kingdom. BECAUSE In addition to facing more powerful empires, some conicts among the Dutch nobilities contributed to the instability of the Dutch political stage. 46.Having successfully established a solid administration in Batavia, VOC began to expand their trade into other areas of the archipelago, including the coastal areas of West Sumatra in the middle of 17th century. BECAUSE VOC also used silver which was obtained from the Spanish silver mines in Peru and copper which was obtained from Japan to exchange with textile products from India and China such as cotton and silk. Use Instruction C to answer questions number 47 to 50. 47.Which of the following countries was represented at the 1945 Postdam conference? (1)British (2)USSR (3)USA (4)French 48.Eort(s) to maintain independence during a revolution is/are .... (1)diplomacy (2)confrontation (3)physical struggle (4)improving the standard of living 49.(A) communist(s) who played an important role in the formation of labor unions after the rst Russian Revolution of 1905 was/were .... (1)Plekhanov (2)V.I. Lenin (3)Joseph Stalin (4)Leon Trotsky 50.The discovery of various precious metals in South America did not turn the Dutch colonial administration desire for immediate mining exploitation on a large scale in the Dutch Indies because .... (1)mining sector did not provide much revenue for the homeland (2)mining exploration requires substantial amount of capital (3)there was no mining regulation in the Dutch Indies at that time (4)the Dutch colonial government still relied on state revenue from the plantation sector c Universitas Indonesia Page 7 of 13

Exam Code: 396 INDONESIA AND THE WORLD B Use Instruction A to answer questions number 51 to 57. 51. The lines on the map which connect the places with same intensity of rainfall is .... (A) Isotope (B) Isoterms (C) Isobar (D) Isohyet (E) Isohypse 52.Relationship between gross national product (GNP) and energy consumption in a country such as Indonesia is .... (A) As GNP decreases, energy consumption increases. (B) As GNP increases, energy consumption decreases. (C) They both increase directly with each other (D) There is no relationship between GNP and energy consumption. (E) They both decrease directly with each other. 53.Which statement is NOT TRUE about the greenhouse eect? (A) The greenhouse eect slows down re-radiation back into space. (B) Carbon dioxide and methane are the primary greenhouse gases. (C) The greenhouse eect began with the Industrial Revolution. (D) Caused by climate change on Earth. (E) Deforestation and forest degradation add to the greenhouse eect. 54.The purpose of topographic maps is to .... (A) Represent areas of equal elevation. (B) Display elevation and terrain by using of the contours. (C) Determine the location and extent of urban areas. (D) Determine the height or depth of the terrain. (E) Measure distance between points. 55.Which of the following statements about mental maps is true? (A) A map which represents the perceptions of a person about an objective knowledge. (B) It is possible to reproduce on paper an exact replica of the mental image one has of an area. (C) People have no mental maps of the places they have not experienced. (D) As children grow older their mental maps become more spatially restrictive. (E) They suggest that the more familiar we are with a local, the better our mental map becomes. 56.The term used to describe a place of settlement related to the actual location on the earth and is composed of the landscape specic to the area is .... (A) site (B) situation (C) settlement (D) hinterland (E) location 57.Given 3 cities A, B, and C which has population 10,000 people; 30,000 people; and 15,000 people, respectively. The distance from A to B is 100 km, and from B to C is 150 km. What is the interaction ratio between A to B and B to C? (A) 3 : 2 (B) 2 : 3 (C) 4 : 3 (D) 3 : 4 (E) 2 : 1 c Universitas Indonesia Page 8 of 13

Exam Code: 396 Use Instruction B to answer questions number 58 . 58.Beting is the sediment located in the middle of river occurred as an impact of river ow which suddenly stops. BECAUSE The speed of water stream inuenced by the condition of the upper areas. Use Instruction C to answer questions number 59 to 65. 59.Alluvial is a type of soil which is very fertile and suitable for agriculture. The widest alluvial land is/are located in. (1)Eastern of Sumatera (2)Northern of Java (3)Southern of Borneo (4)Northern of Papua 60. The air pressure during monsoon between Asia and Australia shown on the gures occurred in .... (1)January (2)May (3)July (4)September 61.The stream landscapes in arid areas are characterized by .... (1)arroyos (2)alluvial fans (3)washes (4)piedmont 62. The rainfall shown on gure occured in period .... (1)April to May (2)July to August (3)September to October (4)January to February 63.Which of the followings is/are the characteristics of extensive commercial farming? (1)low land areas (2)low labor requirements (3)high population densities (4)low capitalization per land unit 64.Which of the followings is/are the phenomenon of the transition period between monsoons in Indonesia? (1)The pressure of atmosphere in Australia and Asia continents are balanced. (2)The rainfall is high (3)A lot of signed by monsoons (4)Average of daily temperature is stable c Universitas Indonesia Page 9 of 13

Exam Code: 396 65.Which statement(s) is/are INCORRECT about the Indonesia rainfall regime? (1)There are two regimes of rainy in Indonesia: west and east regimes of rainy. (2)The western islands with the west regime fallen by much more rainfall which is higher than eastern islands. (3)The boundary of regimes in western and eastern located approximately on 120  BT (4)In the eastern islands of east regime, places which located in the direction of west area, the rainfall season come early than the places in the east area. c Universitas Indonesia Page 10 of 13

Exam Code: 396 INTEGRATED SOCIAL SCIENCES Most cargo ships in Indonesia were made in 1960  1970. The old cargo ships were the rst generation and were only able to carry 1,700 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units). Compare those ships with the cargo ships manufactured in 2006 to the present, which are the sixth generation, they have a loading capacity of 15,000 TEUs. There is a sad fact about Tanjung Priok, the biggest port in Indonesia. The port can only accommodate cargo ships with a capacity of 5,000 TEUs. Meanwhile, most foreign cargo ships coming to the port have a capacity more than 10,000 TEUs. That the reason why foreign cargo ships have to transfer the cargo in the Singapore Port rst before coming to Tanjung Priok Port. These factors have led to the construction of Kalibaru Port. Kalibaru Port will accommodate 10,000 TEUs of goods. The construction of Kalibaru Port will accommodate a direct transfer of goods from overseas. The bigger the cargo capacity of the ships, the more ecient they are as cargo ships. The Kalibaru Terminal Port will be build on 195 acres of land, which will add 4.5 million TEUs of containers and 9.4 million cubic meters of oil and gas products. Use Instruction A to answer questions number 66 . 66.Suppose xis the number of cargoships with a capacity of 1,700 TEUs, yis the number of cargo ships with a capacity of 5,000 TEUs and zis number of cargo ships with a capacity of 10,000 TEUs, which meets the following linear equation system: 2x + y+ z= 725 2 y + z= 375 3 x 2z = 600 The number of all cargo ships to be accommodated is .... (A) 150 (B) 250 (C) 475 (D) 500 (E) 525 Use Instruction B to answer questions number 67 to 70. 67.The replacement of older cargo ships into cargo ships with a larger capacity (cargo ships of the sixth generation) and improvement of facilities of Tanjung Priok Port will increase Indonesian exports and national income. BECAUSE National income using expenditure approach is calculated as the sum of all expenditures: consumption investment, government, and net exports. 68.If Indonesia replaces the older cargo ships into those with a capacity of 15,000 TEUs and the Tanjung Priok Port has also been able to accommodate ships with a carrying capacity of 15,000 TEUs as mentioned in the text, then PT Pembangunan Pelabuhan Indonesia (the Tanjung Priok Port management) will be able to work more eciently and its total product (TP) curves shifts to top right side. BECAUSE The TP curve shows the correlation between the output and the number of labors (other factors of production are assumed to be constant). 69.Related to the sea transport mentioned in the text, the Indonesian government established PEPUSKA Foundation which later became PELNI BECAUSE PELNI was established as a response to PEPUSKA which had no power against Dutch-owned shipping company, i.e. NV. KPM. 70.The replacement harbour that will be built has the same hinterland as Tanjung Priok Harbour. BECAUSE The new harbour will have the same function as the old one, being as the biggest sh harbour in Indonesia. c Universitas Indonesia Page 11 of 13

Exam Code: 396 In contradiction to developed countries which started the rst decade of the new millennium with a golden period and closed in a gloomy situation, Indonesia entered the new millennium in a dicult condition, since the economic instability during the post crisis of 1997/1998. Indonesia was able to overcome the transitional economic period as a country with income per capita at the end of 2011 reached US $3,000, six times higher than the income in the critical period of 1997/1998. If this economic growth could be maintained then it could be possible that Indonesia would become a country whose people would earn US $4,000 per capita which is equal to an upper middle class income. This development at present could already be noticed in their life style. In the near future, this middle class will inuence all aspects of life like in politics, economy, social life and culture. This group of society will inuence the domestics markets strongly in the basic demands and will give support to the Indonesian economic expansion and the new economic centers outside Java will also develop. In the last eight years, the average economic development is about 6.1 % 6.2 %, one of the highest achievement in the world. Nevertheless at the end of the year 2012 Indonesia had to face the challenge of "how to allocate the economic resources eciently and eectively" and "how to develop the capacities to innovate and to be ready to absorb new technology". The ability to meet both challenges will determine Indonesia capability of sustaining the continuity of a balance economic growth. Use Instruction A to answer questions number 71 to 72. 71.The high level of economic growth as stated in paragraph 3 is determined by measuring the increase (in percentage) of .... (A) nett export (export - import) (B) investment (C) income per capita (D) nominal gross domestic product (E) real gross domestic product 72.If the growth of Indonesia's income per capita since 1998 is assumed linear, Indonesia would become a middle income country in .... (A) 2014 (B) 2015 (C) 2016 (D) 2017 (E) 2018 Use Instruction B to answer questions number 73 to 74. 73.Most soil in Java island is alluvial, which is resulted from volcanic sedimentation. BECAUSE Java is an island stretches in the Mediterranean seismic belt. 74.The development of new economic centers outside Java was commonly found in cities with vast areas of low land. BECAUSE Development of economic centers needs roads and sources of energy. Use Instruction C to answer questions number 75 . 75.The economic crisis in Indonesia discussed in paragraph 2 happened in 1959 when rupiah was 75% devaluated. The policy made by the government regarding the devaluation was .... (1)devaluating paper bills of 500 rupiahs and 1000 rupiahs to 10% of its nominal value (2)devaluating paper bills of 500 rupiahs and 1000 rupiahs to 25% of its nominal value (3)freezing bank deposits of big values (4)decreasing the amount of circulated money. c Universitas Indonesia Page 12 of 13

Exam Code: 396 The slow economic growth in countries of Indonesia market for agricultural products is anticipated to bring eects to the export performance in the agricultural sector. The Ministry of Agriculture had estimated a surplus in the trade balance 2012 agricultural products that was around US $16.7 billion or not very much dierent from that of 2011. Indonesia does not need to wait for economic recovery in developed countries to support the development of national palm oil industry. The government can make a variety of eorts to increase the absorption of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) in domestic markets with much better prices to minimize CPO import. For example, the government can encourage the production of biodiesel from 1.5 million to 2 million liters, encourage State Electricity Company (PLN) to use fuels from CPO, or rejuvenate palm plantation by providing subsidies and revising CPO export tax. Since Malaysia has taken similar actions, it would be more eective if both Indonesia and Malaysia work hand in hand. The government stated that the products of the plantation subsector would still be the mainstay leading commodity of the agricultural sector with a tendency of increasing trade surplus. The leading export commodities are CPO, latex, tea, coee, and cocoa, exported to China, the United States of America, a number of European countries, and India. In 2013, the export destination countries are believed to still experience slow economic growth. Even European countries have not shown certain awakening from the global crisis, so that, import of agricultural products, particularly from the plantation subsector, will not increase. Use Instruction A to answer questions number 76 to 78. 76.Indonesia's agricultural products in international markets have demand elasticity that is .... (A) perfectly elastic (B) elastic (C) unitary elastic (D) inelastic (E) perfectly inelastic 77.It is understood that 124 tons of oil palm can produce in average 1.9 kilo liters of biodiesel, while the average production of palm plantation is 4 tons per hectare. Basically, the production of palm has been fully absorbed for CPO; therefore, a new land area is needed to be able to increase the production of biodiesel as stated in paragraph 2. To meet the demand, a new area to open is .... (A) 35,116 ha (B) 32,632 ha (C) 26,337 ha (D) 8,779 ha (E) 8,158 ha 78.According to Schumpeter, the main factor that leads to slow economic growth in the export destination countries of Indonesia's agricultural products mentioned in paragraph 1 is .... (A) insucient capital (B) insucient number of entrepreneurs (C) insucient investments (D) insucient skilled labors (E) corruption Use Instruction C to answer questions number 79 to 80. 79.Currently, the development of palm industry in Indonesia is commonly found in .... (1)Kalimantan (2)Papua (3)Sumatera (4)Sulawesi 80.In relation to the agricultural export performance stated in paragraph 1, Indonesia's prime export in the nineteenth century, among others, was .... (1)latex (2)tobacco (3)coee (4)sugar c Universitas Indonesia Page 13 of 13