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ENTRANCE TEST UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA SIMAK UI NATURAL SCIENCES TEST  Mathematics for Natural Sciences  Biology  Physics  Chemistry  Integrated Natural Sciences 139 Universitas Indonesia 2013

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 1.Before you begin work on the test, check the number of questions and the page numbers in the test booklet. The booklet consists of 11 pages. 2.Write your student test number on the space provided in the answer sheet. 3.Write the code of the test booklet on the space provided in the answer sheet. The code of this test booklet is: 139 4.Read carefully each and every instruction on how to answer the questions. 5.Think carefully before answering every question, because incorrect answers will deduct points from your score (scoring system: correct +4, blank 0, incorrect -1). 6.Work on questions you nd easy rst, then continue with harder questions, so that all questions are answered. 7.Write your answers in the answer sheet provided. 8.For scrap paper, make use of the empty space in your test booklet and do not use your answer sheet as your answers will then fail to be processed 9.During the test, you are not allowed to ask or seek explanation about the questions being tested to anyone including the test supervisor. 10.When the test is complete, you are required to stay in your seat until the test supervisor approaches you to collect the answer sheet. 11.Make sure the answer sheet is not dirty, wet, folded, and torn. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTION A: Choose one answer that it most appropriate INSTRUCTION B: The questions consist of 3 parts, i.e. STATEMENT, CAUSE, and REASON that are arranged in sequence. Choose: (A)If the statements is correct, the reason is correct, and both show a cause and eect relationship; (B)If the statements is correct, the reason is correct, but both do not show a cause and eect relationship (C)If the statements is correct and the reason is incorrect (D)If the statements is incorrect and the reason is correct (E)If the statements and the reason are both incorrect INSTRUCTION C: Choose (A)If (1), (2), and (3) are correct (B)If (1) and (3) are correct (C)If (2) and (4) are correct (D)If only (4) is correct (E)If all of them are correct

Exam Code: 139 SUBJECTS : Mathematics for Natural Sciences, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Integrated Natural Sciences EXAM DATE : 23 JUNE 2013 TIME : 120 MINUTES NO. OF QUESTIONS : 60 Remarks : Questions on MATHEMATICS FOR NATURAL SCIENCES number 1 to 12 Questions on BIOLOGY number 13 to 24 Questions on PHYSICS number 25 to 36 Questions on CHEMISTRY number 37 to 48 Questions on INTEGRATED NATURAL SCIENCES number 49 to 60 MATHEMATICS FOR NATURAL SCIENCES Use Instruction A to answer questions number 1 to 12. 1.Let p; qbe the solutions of the quadratic equation x 2 2mx 5n = 0 and let m; nbe the solutions of x 2 2px 5q = 0 . Ifp6 = q6 = r6 = s, then the value of p+ q+ m +nis .... (A) 15 (B) 30 (C) 75 (D) 150 (E) 225 2.The straight line y= a2 bx + 2 abintersects the parabola y= ax 2 + x+ ab at two points, where a; b are real numbers. The sum of the product of their abscisses and 2b is .... (A) 2ab (B) b (C) 0 (D) b (E) 2ab 3.If (x c)2 is a factor of x3 + ax +b, then the value of  a 3  3 +  b 2  2 is .... (A) c2 (B) c (C) 0 (D) c (E) c2 4.If the value of the function f(x ) = jx 2j is always less than or equal to the value of the function g (x ) = 4 x2 for every real number x, then the value of xsatises .... (A) 1  x 2 (B) 3 < x < 2 (C) 1 < x < 2 (D) x >3 (E) 3 < x < 2or x > 2 5.If the sum of the rst ten terms of the sequence log x;log x3 y 2 ;log x5 y 4 ;log x7 y 6 ; : : : is 5( alog x+ blog y), then the value of a+ bis .... (A) 18 (B) 20 (C) 28 (D) 30 (E) 38 6.Given the matrix A=  2 a 0 1  , the matrix An = :::: (A)  2n 2n a 0 1  (B)  2n (2n 1)a 0 1  (C)  2n (2n 1)a 0 1  (D)  2n (2n 1)a 1 0  (E)  2n 2n a 1 0  7.Given that the equation f(x ) + xf(1x) = xholds for every real number x. The value of f( 1) + f(1) is .... (A) 1 (B) 0 (C) 1 3 (D) 1 (E) 4 3 c Universitas Indonesia Page 1 of 11

Exam Code: 139 8.Let Lbe a line that passes through the origin and the point of the curve y= sin xwhich its abscissa is  2 . If the x-axis is reected with respect to L, and be the angle between x-axis and its reection, then the value of cos is .... (A) 2  (B)  p 4 + 2 (C) 4  4 + 2 (D)  2 4 4 + 2 (E) 2 p 4 + 2 9.Given the equation sin cos = jk j, then j sin + cos j= :::: (A) p 2 k2 (B) p k 2 2 (C) jk j (D) p 2 j kj (E) jk j p 2 10.The rate of change of the gradient of the tangent of the curve x3 y3 + axy =a3 at the point (a; a) is .... (A) 7 a (B) 1 a (C) 0 (D) 1 a (E) 7 a 11.Let Rbe the region enclosed by the x-axis, the curve y = x2 , and the tangent to the curve at x= a, where a > 0. If the area of Ris 2 3 , then the value of ais .... (A) 1 (B) 3 2 (C) 2 (D) 3 (E) 5 2 12.A cube ABC D:E F GH has sides of length 3 cm. Points P; Q, and Rdivides sides AE,F G , and C D respectively, such that the ratio AP :P E =F Q :QG =C R :RD = 2 : 1 . The area of triangle P QRis .... (A) 7p 3 2 (B) 7p 3 (C) p 42 4 (D) 7p 2 2 (E) 7p 3 4 c Universitas Indonesia Page 2 of 11

Exam Code: 139 BIOLOGY Use Instruction A to answer questions number 13 to 22. 13.The levels of organization in ecology range from .... (A) cells to organisms (B) individuals to biospheres (C) biological communities to biomes (D) abiotic factors to biotic factors (E) populations to ecosystems 14.Roundworms (nematods) are abundant and diverse because .... (A) they are both parasitic and free-living and eat a wide variety of foods. (B) they are able to molt their exoskeletons. (C) their thick cuticle enables them to move in complex ways. (D) their body cavity is a pseudocoelom. (E) their segmented bodies enable them to live in many dierent places. 15. The diagram shows the basic structure of an antibody. Which part of the diagram corresponds to the antigen binding site? (A) 1 (B) 4 (C) 2 and 3 (D) 1 and 4 (E) 1 and 2 16.Which are two blood components most closely associated with the clotting process? (A) platelets and antibodies (B) red blood cells and platelets (C) platelets and brinogen (D) white blood cells and antibiotics (E) platelets and plasma 17.Which of the following is NOT characteristic of birds? (A) hollow bones (B) ectothermy (C) amnion (D) high metabolic rate (E) reptilian-like scales on legs 18.Which of the following does NOT belong to domain Archaea? (A) bacteria that produce methane from carbon dioxide and hydrogen (B) thermophiles (C) halophiles (D) bacteriophages (E) prokaryotes with cell walls that lack Peptidoglycan 19.The primary function of the spongy mesophyll in the leaf is .... (A) to reduce water loss from the leaf surface (B) to diuse water within the leaf (C) to diuse gases within the leaf (D) to prevent the leaf falling from its own weight (E) to deter herbivores 20.Which of the following processes does not participate in seed germination? (A) Growth of the radicle (B) Imbibition of water (C) Metabolic changes (D) Mobilization of nutrient reserves (E) Extensive mitotic divisions 21.Female gametangium, or ... , produces an egg; male gametangium, or ... , produces sperm cells. (A) archegonium; megaphyll (B) antheridium; archegonium (C) megasporangium; antheridium (D) archegonium; antheridium (E) megasporangium; megaphyll c Universitas Indonesia Page 3 of 11

Exam Code: 139 22.Chromosome duplication takes place during .... (A) Metaphase (B) Prophase (C) Telophase (D) Interphase (E) Anaphase Use Instruction B to answer questions number 23 . 23.Membranes usually have a negative charge on their outer surface. BECAUSE A membrane consists of an inner and outer dense phospholipid layer surrounding a thicker but less dense protein layer. Use Instruction C to answer questions number 24 . 24.Which enzyme(s) is/are involved in DNA replication? (1)DNA helicase (2)DNA ligase (3)DNA polymerase (4)RNA primase c Universitas Indonesia Page 4 of 11

Exam Code: 139 PHYSICS Use Instruction A to answer questions number 25 to 36. 25.A light source of wavelength illuminates a metal and ejects photoelectrons with a maximum kinetic energy of 1.00 eV. A second light source of wavelength  2 illuminates a metal and ejects photoelectrons with a maximum kinetic energy of 4.00 eV. The work function of the metal is .... (A) 1.0 eV (B) 1.5 eV (C) 2.0 eV (D) 2.5 eV (E) 3.0 eV 26.Initially, a sphere Ahas a charge of 50e and a sphere Bhas a charge of +20e. The spheres are made of conducting materials and are identical in size. If the spheres then touch each other, the resulting charge on sphere Ais .... (A) 50 e (B) 20 e (C) 15 e (D) +15e (E) +20e 27.The quartz crystal used in an electric watch vibrates with frequency of 32.768 Hz. The period of the crystal motion is .... (A) 30.5 s (B) 30.5 ms (C) 30.5s (D) 30.5 ns (E) 30.5 ps 28.An ice cube having a mass of 50 grams and an initial temperature of 10 degrees Celsius is placed in 400 grams of 40 degrees Celsius water. The specic heat of ice is 2060 J/kg  C. The specic latent heat of fusion is 334,000 J/kg. The total heat needed by the ice to melt to become water with the temperature 0  C is .... (A) 1,030 J (B) 5,670 J (C) 16,700 J (D) 17,730 J (E) 18,760 J 29.A box sits on a horizontal wooden board. The coecient of static friction between the box and the board is 0.5. You grab one end of the board and lift it up, keeping the other end of the board on the ground. The angle between the board and the horizontal direction when the box begins to slide down the board is .... (A) tan 1 (0.5) (B) sin 1 (0.5) (C) cos 1 (0.5) (D) sec 1 (0.5) (E) cosec 1 (0.5) 30.Photons of wavelength 450 nm are incident on a metal. The most energetic electrons ejected from the metals are bent into a circular arc of radius 20.0 cm by a magnetic eld with a magnitude of 2.00  10 5 T. (1 eV= 1.6 10 19 J). The work function of the metal is .... (A) 5.345 eV (B) 4.500 eV (C) 3.345 eV (D) 2.500 eV (E) 1.345 eV 31.Two long straight wires are carrying the same current Iand separated by a distance rexert a force F on each other. The ratio of force between two wires before and after changes is 96. If the current is increased to 4I , the separation between the two wire is reduced to .... (A) r 6 (B) r 16 (C) r 24 (D) r 96 (E) r 144 c Universitas Indonesia Page 5 of 11

Exam Code: 139 32.A particle of mass 5 g is placed in a downward-directed electric eld of magnitude 800 N/C. (g= 9.8 m/s 2 ). To keep the particle stationary, the sign and magnitude of the charge should be .... (A) Negative and 0.0000613 C (B) Positive and 0.0000613 C (C) Neutral and 0.0000613 C (D) Negative and 0.0000613 C (E) Positive and 0.0000613 C 33.In a Millikan oil drop experiment a student sprayed oil droplets with a density of 780 kg/m 3 between two horizontal parallel plates that were 6.0 cm apart. The student adjusted the potential dierence between the plates to 5000 V so that one of the drops became stationary. The diameter of this drop was measured to be 3 10 6 m. The magnitude of the charge on the drop is .... (A) 1.1010 18 C (B) 1.0610 17 C (C) 1.1010 15 C (D) 1.0610 13 C (E) 1.1010 12 C 34.A person stands 40 m away from a ag pole. With a protractor at eye level, he nds the angle between the line from the top of the ag pole to his eyes and the horizontal is 25.0 degrees. The distance from his feet to his eyes is 1.8 m. The high of the ag pole is .... ( tan 25  = 0 :466 ) (A) 15.0 m (B) 16.8 m (C) 18.0 m (D) 18.6 m (E) 20.4 m 35.A 10 kg box moves at 5 m/s on a horizontal, frictionless surface runs into a light spring of force constant 10,000 N/m. By using the work energy theorem, the maximum compression of the spring is .... ( g = 9.8 ms 2 ) (A) 16 nm (B) 16m (C) 16 mm (D) 16 cm (E) 16 dm 36.A 1.25 kg mass is attached to the end of a 80 cm string. The system is whirled in a horizontal circular path. The maximum tension that the string can withstand is 400 N. The maximum angular velocity of the system is .... ( g = 9.8 ms 2 ) (A) 20.00 rad/s (B) 5.00 rad/s (C) 2.00 rad/s (D) 0.50 rad/s (E) 0.05 rad/s c Universitas Indonesia Page 6 of 11

Exam Code: 139 CHEMISTRY Use Instruction A to answer questions number 37 to 46. 37.An organic compound has a composition of 36% carbon, 4% hydrogen, 28% nitrogen and the rest of oxygen. What is the empirical formula of the compound? (A) C 2H 4N 2O 3 (B) C 3H 4N 2O 2 (C) C 2H 4N 3O 3 (D) C 3H 4N 2O 3 (E) C 2H 4N 3O 2 38.The number of bromide ions in a solution made by dissolving 4.7 gr of AgBr in 100 cm 3 water at 25  C is .... (Ksp of AgBr is 4:9  10 13 and Ar Ag = 108 gr/mol, Br = 80 gr/mol) Avogadro number N = 6  10 23 . (A) 7:35 1010 (B) 2:94 1011 (C) 1:05 1016 (D) 4:20 1016 (E) 1:50 1023 39.Which of the following compound containing carbon atom does not have sp 2 hybridisation? (A) propene (B) benzene (C) acetone (D) graphite (E) CO 2 40.The combustion of 0.100 mol of liquid carbon disulde, CS 2, produced CO 2(g) and SO 2(g) and releases 107.5 kJ of heat. What is H f for CS 2(l) in kJ. mol 1 ? (  H f CO 2is 393.5 kJ. mol 1 ,  H f SO 2is 296.8 kJ. mol 1 ) (A) 375.0 (B) 87.9 (C) +87.9 (D) +375.0 (E) +2062.0 41.A solution of Cr(NO 3) 3 is electrolyzed using platinum electrode for 10 minutes. What current is needed to obtain 0.78 gr of chromium? (Ar Cr = 52 ; N = 14 ; O = 16, 1 Faraday = 96,500 C) (A) 1.26 A (B) 3.45 A (C) 5.79 A (D) 7.24 A (E) 9.65 A 42.A solution made of 5.4 gr M(OH) 2dissolved in 500 gr water boils at 100.156  C. If the ionization degree of the base is 0.75 and the value Kb for water is 0 :52  C/m, what is the atomic weight of its metal? (A) 90 (B) 56 (C) 52 (D) 40 (E) 24 43.When the compounds CH 3COOH, CF 3COOH, and CCl 3COOH are arranged in order of increasing acidity in aqueous solution, which order is CORRECT? (A) CH 3COOH < CCl 3COOH < CF 3COOH (B) CCl 3COOH < CH 3COOH < CF 3COOH (C) CF 3COOH < CH 3COOH < CCl 3COOH (D) CF 3COOH < CCl 3COOH < CH 3COOH (E) CCl 3COOH < CF 3COOH < CH 3COOH 44.A 230 mL sample of N 2is collected over water at 25  C and 740 mmHg pressure. Which expression represents the set-up to nd the volume of dry N 2 at 0 C and 1 atmosphere? Vapor pressure of water at 25  C is 24 mmHg (A) V= 230 (740 24) 273 760 298 (B) V= 230 (740 + 24) 273 760 298 (C) V= 230 (740 24) 298 760 273 (D) V= 230 (740 + 24) 298 760 273 (E) V= 230 (740 24) 298 760 298 c Universitas Indonesia Page 7 of 11

Exam Code: 139 45.The following interaction of compounds which has strongest intermolecular forces is .... (A) Na+ with H 2O (B) Mg2+ with H 2O (C) Hydrogen bond of H 2O (D) Dipole-dipole bond between SO 2molecule (E) Interaction of I 2molecules 46.An atom of which element has the highest third ionization energy is .... (A) Na (B) Ca (C) Al (D) Ga (E) Mg Use Instruction C to answer questions number 47 to 48. 47.Consider the following aqueous equilibrium: AgCl (s) Ag + (aq) + Cl (aq) Which addition of the following compounds will increase the solubility of AgCl? (1)NaCl (2)diluted NaOH (3)AgNO 3 (4)excesses NH 3 48.Which molecule(s) is/are polar? (1)SF 2 (2)SO 2 (3)SF 4 (4)SO 3 c Universitas Indonesia Page 8 of 11

Exam Code: 139 INTEGRATED NATURAL SCIENCES MRI IMAGES TRANSPLANTED ISLET CELLS WITH HELP OF POSITIVELY CHARGED NANOPARTICLES In a study to investigate the detection by MRI of six kinds of positively-charged magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles designed to help monitor transplanted islet cells, a team of Japanese researchers found that the charged nanoparticles they developed transduced into cells and could be visualized by MRI while three kinds of commercially available nanoparticles used for controls could not. "Our data suggests that novel, positively-charged nanoparticles can be useful for MRI contrast agents to monitor islet mass after transplantation" said study co-author Hirofumi Noguchi, MD, PhD, of the Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, transplant and Surgical Oncology at the Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. "Signicant graft loss immediately after islet transplantation occurs due to immunological and non-immunological events. With MRI an attractive potential tool for monitoring islet mass in vivo, ecient uptake of MRI contrast agent is required for cell labeling." The researchers note that recent techniques of labeling islet cells with magnetic iron oxide has allowed detection of transplanted islet cells, however commercially available magnetic nanoparticles are not eciently transduced because the cell surface is negatively charged and the negative charge of the nanoparticles. The researchers developed positively charged nanoparticles that were eciently transduced. Use Instruction A to answer questions number 49 to 50. 49.A protein secreted by ... islet cells stimulates glycogenolysis in the liver and skeletal muscle. (A) alpha (B) beta (C) gamma (D) epsilon (E) delta 50.How many ways to select 3 nanoparticles one by one without replacement from the positively-charged magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles being investigated by the researchers? (A) 3 (B) 6 (C) 20 (D) 120 (E) 720 Use Instruction B to answer questions number 51 to 52. 51.The fabricated magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles were successfully detected by MRI, while the commercially available controls failed. BECAUSE The controls and the cell surfaces both have similar charge. 52.The electron conguration of iron in the oxide (Fe2O 3) is [Ar]3d 5 . BECAUSE Reaction of iron oxide with water result in the increase of pH solution. c Universitas Indonesia Page 9 of 11

Exam Code: 139 MAKING ROCKS INTO MAGNETS If you heat up a rock, most likely, what you will get is a hot rock. But if you heat up the right type of stone to just the right temperature and you could end up with a magnet, scientists now report. The most magnetic and common type is a lodestone. It consists of a brownish-black mineral called magnetite. Lodestones are natural compasses: Suspend one by a thread or wire and it will rotate until its magnetic eld is aligned with Earth's magnetic eld. A magnetic eld is the area around a material in which its magnetic forces can be detected. A material's magnetism is determined by the way its electrons move around the outside of its atoms'nuclei  particularly those electrons that aren't paired with other electrons in certain ways. If a large number of unpaired electrons rotate in the same direction, then an object's magnetic eld can be strong. If all of the unpaired electrons spin in random directions, the object's magnetic eld is either very weak or missing. Some materials, such as lodestones, create a persistent magnetic eld. Others with unpaired electrons, such as iron, can become magnetized when they're placed within a magnetic eld and their atoms rotate and align. Charles Aubourg is a geologist at the University of Pau and the Adour Countries in France. He and his colleagues heated samples of a type of sedimentary rock to as much as 130 C (about 266 F). Sedimentary rock is made from material eroded from other rocks. The eroded materials transform into stone when exposed to high pressure deep within Earth for a lengthy period of time, sometimes millions of years. Each sample contained large amounts of clay and silt (both of which are made of tiny particles eroded from other rocks). But importantly, the rocks also contained a small amount of an iron-bearing mineral called pyrite. First, the team used a strong magnetic eld to erase any magnetism naturally trapped in the sample. Then the researchers heated the rock inside a strong magnetic eld according to a specic recipe: 25 days at 50 C, then 25 days at 70  , 25 days at 80 , 10 days at 120 , and a nal 10 days at 130 . This temperature range is the same as that of rocks located between 2 kilometers and 4 kilometers deep in Earth's crust. The rocks'magnetic eld rose during each stage of heating. It increased most quickly during the earliest days of each step. The growing magnetism of the samples suggests that the heat triggered reactions that caused some of the pyrite to chemically transform into magnetic minerals. Use Instruction A to answer questions number 53 to 54. 53.Mineral contained in stones that contributes to magnetic property of the stones is ..... (A) Pyrite (B) Magnetite (C) Clay (D) Lodestone (E) Hematite 54.The temperature of rocks located deep in Earth's crust follows roughly a function T (x ) = 1 3 x 3 3 2 x 2 + A, where Ais a large positive constant and xis a distance from earth surface (in km). The maximum temperature of the rocks heated inside a strong magnetic eld according to the recipe mentioned in the paragraph is located in x = :::: (A) 2 (B) 2.5 (C) 3 (D) 3.5 (E) 4 Use Instruction B to answer questions number 55 to 56. 55.An object's magnetic eld can be strong, weak or missing, depend on the orientation and the amount of unpaired electrons spin. BECAUSE A large number of unpaired electrons which rotate in the same direction will give a very strong magnetism, and when all of the unpaired electrons spin in random directions, they will produce very weak or missing magnetic eld 56.The polarity of the Earth's magnetic eld changes over time from normal to reserved. BECAUSE The polarity changes could explain the reason of how continents move by observing the seaoor mapping. c Universitas Indonesia Page 10 of 11

Exam Code: 139 OZONE LEVELS HAVE SIZEABLE IMPACT ON WORKER PRODUCTIVITY Researchers in the Department of Health Policy and Management at Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health assessed the impact of pollution on agricultural worker productivity using daily variations in ozone levels. Their results show that ozone, even at levels below current air-quality standards in most parts of the world, has signicant negative impacts on worker productivity. Their ndings suggest that environmental protection is important for promoting economic growth and investing in human capital in contrast to its common portrayal as a tax on producers. Results of the study are published in the American Economic Review. Ozone pollution continues to be a pervasive global issue with much debate over optimal levels. While policy makers routinely note that regulating ozone smog leads to many health benets like reduced hospitalizations and mortality rates, Matthew Neidell, PhD, associate professor at the Mailman School and principal investigator, set out to investigate whether lower air pollution might also aect job performance. Until this research, there had been no systematic evidence on the direct impact of pollution on worker productivity. The researchers found that a 10 ppb (parts per billion) change in average ozone exposure results in a signicant 5.5 percent change in agricultural worker productivity. "These estimates are particularly noteworthy as the U.S. EPA is currently moving in the direction of reducing federal ground-level ozone standards," said Dr.Neidell, PhD. This past September President Obama said he would not support a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency to tighten the federal ozone standard because it would pose too heavy a burden on businesses, which stunned public health experts and environmentalists. Dr. Neidell also points out that in developing countries where environmental regulations are less strict and agriculture plays a more dominant role in the economy, the eects reported here may have a vast detrimental impact on a country's prosperity. Use Instruction A to answer questions number 57 to 58. 57.Ozone (O 3) in many ways are dierent from diatomic oxygen molecule (O 2), EXCEPT .... (A) It is more powerful oxidizing agent because it consists of more atoms (B) It is dangerous when accidentally inhaled (C) It has one localized double bond in its molecular structure (D) It is more useful if located as a thin layer at stratosphere (E) It has distinguished purple colour in high concentration 58.A water purication plant is designed using ozone as disinfectant agent placed in a 10 L container. Because of a small leakage, the ozone contained the 500 m 3 factory by 100 ppm of atmospheric pressure. The amount of ozone in the container before leaking was .... (A) 243.72 mol (B) 20.446 mol (C) 243.720 mol (D) 20.446 mol (E) 24.372 mol Use Instruction B to answer questions number 59 . 59.Recent atmospheric studies have detected an ozone-hole, including an extremely thin area over antartica. BECAUSE The ozone hole forms when sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides combine with atmospheric moisture to create sulfuric acid and nitric acid. Use Instruction C to answer questions number 60 . 60.Life on earth is protected by a layer of ozon (O 3). The destruction of ozone layer may be increased levels of UV radiation that linked to .... (1)breast cancer (2)cataract (3)retinal aplasia (4)skin cancer c Universitas Indonesia Page 11 of 11